I believe that the most powerful thing you can do is be an example of what’s possible.

I heard this quote from Kameron George and it resonated with me a ton where I have now adapted this quote into my morning affirmations.

Let's chat for a second, woman athlete to another woman athlete.

Most of my life I felt as though I would never be good enough (limiting belief).

That I wasn’t smart enough (realizing that I am intelligent in my highest core values)

And that my height will always be a struggle when it comes to my sports (stems from my basketball days)

For me, I have always wanted to prove others wrong and most importantly to prove that tiny voice that whispers to me every day to be wrong.

I can be the best example that everything I do is possible.

Not only to my other mama friends, but to my little girls as well.

It’s the behind the scenes that not a lot of people realize how much work, dedication and motivation comes when you are working on yourself and your craft.

And the support and encouragement given by family and friends.

Since graduating from @afiliateinstitute I have learned how important it is to learn every single day.

I listen to podcasts, I read and I mastermind daily. It’s part of my routine.

To be constantly growing, and consistently working on yourself so that you can continue being that person you want to be.

Even if it’s only 1% every single day, you will be much further ahead a year from now.

Visualize your highest self and start showing up as her.

If you have any questions about digital marketing as an athlete, please let me know. Email me

Make today a beauty of a day babes

Love and appreciate you all