All levels are welcome! Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.

We will be meeting at the Brohm parking lot (bottom) at 8:30am.

If you do not have a membership with Black Tusk Snowmobile Club it will be $15 or $20 fee at the trail head.

This is a social ride but we do require registration and you can sign up in our shop under the product Braap Babes Social Ride 2. There will be a charge on line of $5 which will be automatically going to Snowarma. Once you have purchased this, you will receive a raffle ticket at the parking lot and you will be able to purchase more raffle tickets to win some awesome prizes we have for you. 1 ticket is $5, 10 tickets is $8 and 20 tickets is $18. Please bring cash. By supporting this fundraiser, we are sponsored by Black Tusk Snowmobile Club.

What to prepare for the day - These are a must!

1. Avalanche packs with probes, shovels and transceivers. - these are a must.

2. RADIOS - this is a must.

3. Make sure sled / snowmobile is filled with gas and sled oil before you leave your home.

4. Bring Lunch, snacks and water

5. Bring Extra gloves, goggles and layers (puffy jacket is a good one to bring if you get cold).

6. Bring Sled / Snowmobile key

Keep in mind for the day:

A. We will be on radio channel 5, 5. This is very important to be on the same channel and to communicate with the group. If you are stuck, need help, please let us know.

B. Buddy system - We did not go over this during our First Social Ride because we were getting rained on in the morning and we just wanted to get up to the top, but this is another important note. Find 1 or 2 buddies, get to know them and keep an eye on them at all times. If they go missing, inform the group so we can help them out.

C. Don’t be shy - we are all here to encourage and have fun yet we want to make sure everyone is safe. This is your time to bust a move and we love to cheer everyone on.

If you do not have any of the required items (avy packs, radios etc) please email us at We are teaming up with Amphibious Equipment who does daily rentals and we can get you sorted with the proper gear.

Just a reminder that all money that is raised through the raffle tickets will be going to Snowarama- a fundraiser for the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities and Easter Seals services. AND we are not coaches, and our social rides are not clinics. We are a group of badass babes who want to snowmobile together, connect with other women and share passions amongst eachother while exploring different terrain and zones with in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Have questions, email us at

See you babes soon!