Braap Babes – Sled Set Up Nights Recap.

Braap Babes – Sled Set Up Nights Recap.

by Jessy P.

First of all, we would like to thank our following supporters for making the Braap Babes Sled Set Up Nights, Possible across the Sea To Sky Corridor! 

Greater Vancouver Powersports - Langley, Revolution Powersports - Whistler, Backcountry Motorsports - Pemberton & No Limits Motorsports - Squamish!

We would like to specify that none of us at Braap Babes are Mechanics, neither are we associated with any snowmobile brands. We are just a big girl gang, seeking to Inform, connect, Educate, Orient and Encourage ALL women within the snowmobiling industry.

We put together a little recap of what we have learned and shared through the 2019-20 Braap Babes Sled Set Up Nights.  

We Started each night by going over a few things that our leaders and the participating Braap Babes have changed/modified on their snowmobiles to make their riding easier and more often than not, these “upgrades” are the ones that allow us to save energy and keep up all day long!

Handlebars - The first thing that usually came out was the Handlebars’ height and width. Because we are all different and all have different body shape, it totally makes sense, that we don’t all feel the same, comfort and power on a similar handlebar setup. We also concluded that the only way to really know, which handlebar set up is best for us, we have to actually try it! Feel free to ask our 5 leaders, for trying their different handlebar setups, next time you come to our Social Rides! It will be a pleasure, to have you try them all and help you find which one suits you best!

Another gadget we are fans of at Braap Babes is the Munster Finger Throttle. Basically, the Finger Throttle requires 1 ligament in your hand and forearm compared to 3 with the thumb throttle which almost Instantly reduces fatigue and arm pumps. For sure it takes a few days to adapt to this product but we think it’s totally worth it on a long term!  Also, for those who want to get some air miles in this season, the finger throttle comes very handy to avoid whiskey throttles when hitting the handlebars with your upper body in a bad landing situation.

Suspension - Another thing we are always happy to upgrade on our snowmobiles, is the suspension. There are Multiple options out there but definitely an aftermarket suspension with customizable adjustments and progressive multi coils are making our life easier out there! They are definitely expensive and not the most necessary modification to do on your snowmobile depending on which stock shocks you have, but the Rebuildable ones will definitely be saving you a few bucks, long term. We have learned that non rebuildable shocks would only really last you about 2000Kms, depending on your riding style. Having good suspension that is adjusted for your weight and riding style can help minimizing the physical efforts you have to put into executing various maneuvers such as initiating a sidehill. It also decreases the risk of back injuries when dropping off cliffs and jumping and saves you energy even when it comes to handle those bumpy roads a little better.

Seats – As we all know, some of us lady snowmobilers, are very short legged! And one thing that has made the shorter ones’ riding easier is definitely a low-profile seat. If you feel like your movements are restrained by your feet being caught on the end of your seat when jumping from one side to the other of your snowmobile, we suggest trying a low-profile seat. Some girls went for it and never came back! The lower-profile seats allow the shorter girls to move quicker and freely around their machines, improving their technical riding skills drastically! If you can relate to this kind of situation, we definitely recommend asking your dealer about their low-profile seat options. You can also try one of ours during our social rides, prior to purchase. Feel free to inquire about that! Check out shorty, Angelisa's video on her low profile seat here.

On Snow Maintenance & Recommended Tools – First of all, OIL!! Always make sure you have a jug of OIL in your truck even if you are sure you filled it the night before, no one likes to get to the parking lot and having to steal oil from your friends. Your OIL level should always be to the make’s recommended marking prior to leave the parking lot. At Braap babes, we are using Amsoil and have been very satisfied with its lubrication so far! 😉

When you are checking your oil level, we recommend also checking:

Belt Tension/Changing Belts – Video Links to Ski Doo here and Polaris here

Track Tension – Video Link

Click on each link to get familiar with these basic snowmobile maintenance tips, that you can totally do yourself prior to head out, and will save you a lot of trouble, out in the backcountry.

Here is a full interview of what modifications I have done to my sled that Angelisa filmed for me. Check the video here.

We also highly recommend to always carry the following tools in your snowmobile bag!

For Ski-Doo Gen4 -10 Mil Socket, 13 Mil Socket , 15 Mil 16 Mil, 25 Torque. You can carry more tools, this is just what we have experienced using so far.

For Polaris  - ( kit from Skinz Protective Gear here) - Lightweight Wrench Metric - Open End / Box End 8,10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & Lightweight Wrench SAE - Open End/ Box End 3/8", 7/16", 9/16".

For Arctic-Cat - 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, 1/2", 9/16", T20 Torx, T27 Torx, Phillips, Flat screwdriver, Allen Set, Clutch tool, Square Belt, Siphon Hose, Zip ties, Electrical Tape, Vise grips and Spark plug tool.

Braap Babes also recommend carrying a Leatherman knife, some duct tape, wire, tie wraps and Super Straps! These items can totally make the difference between riding out and towing your snowmobile out.

REMINDER!! Do not forget to remove your belt when your snowmobile needs to get towed! It will make such a mess in there, you don’t want to have to learn it the hard way, believe us!

Thank you for reading Braap Babes and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Stay BadAss Babes