Braap Babes - We're here for a good time

Braap Babes - We're here for a good time

We’re here for good time. 

Thank you for being here with us today. Did you know that all the Braap Babe leaders have volunteered their time to organize snowmobile setups and social rides? Did you know that all money raised from our social rides have been donated to Snowarama - Easter Seals, a charity of raising funds for children with disabilities. Did you know we have raised $785 for Children with disabilities so far this 2020 season because of YOU, the one who attended our rides? Our social rides are $25 for the fundraiser but that gave women an opportunity to not only donate to a great cause, but to win awesome prizes donated from our sponsors, hang out and meet other women, travel the backcountry safely and to Braap. Braap Babes is not a guided or coaching business. We are a group of women who experienced first hand of how difficult it was to meet other like minded women, at the same skill set to ride with. We came up with these ideas and rides for you. Did you know our weekend retreat with Black Tusk Snowmobile Club is also a Snowarama fundraiser? We are spending money on a chef, food, drinks, and lodging and the rest will be donated? Did you know our last BBQ event at Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club is a Snowarama fundraiser as well, selling food and non alcoholic drinks and a silent auction is all for raising funds for Snowarama? 

Our number for this incredible fundraiser is growing because of you who want to come and be apart of the movement we have created. For those of you who have believed in our project, believed in us for doing the right thing, we are truly grateful and appreciate all the uplifting responses and requests. For those who do not agree with Braap Babes, I hope you can find it deep within your heart the value of what we are all about. A group of friends getting together to ride and support our local snowmobile clubs, dealerships and to raise funds for children with disabilities. 

In time, we know our platform will have to change, we did not expect the amount of growth Braap Babes has received this season and for this we are blown away with the love and support. We do not profit from any of our events therefore our volunteered time and energy has been well spent, however, we wouldn’t change it because we love what we do. 

After all of this, we are curious to know, what is it that brought you to our page? Is it because of the social rides that we organize? The sled setups that we hosted? is it because we are providing good / bad content? Are you here for the lifestyle merch? Or are you stoked to have an all girls community to jam with? Tell us! DM us on our social media platforms, or shoot us with an email. 

Thank you for all the efforts made by these rad human beings for building a community that is very needed in our lives. 

Hayley Auld, Jessy P. Sammy Watts, Ira Nenlina, and Angelisa Edwards

Thank you to our sponsors for backing our project 100% 

CKX Gear, Greater Vancouver Powersports, Revolution Powersports, Kutvekamerika, Backcountry Motorsports, AMSOIL, No Limits Motorsports, and Cheetah Factory Racing - These events would not of happened with out their support!

Live to be a badass