If you have followed my adventures for a little while now, you must have noticed that I am that girl who gets injured…. quite often! I have kind of put myself up for it at a very young age as I have always loved “Extreme Sports” and pushing my limits way out of my comfort zone. - After all, that’s where life begins, right? :P

Nothing to be proud of here, I am telling you, but this is just how life decided it would happen for me, I guess. I am an adrenaline Junkie since I got my first pair of skis at age 2, with the ultimate goal of keeping up with my older brother and “The Boys”. From throwing backflips on my snowboard at age 7, buying my own dirtbike with my own money at age 11, without my parents’ approval, Sending it off the biggest jumps in Whistler Bike Park at 25, and dropping cliffs on my snowmobile at 27, it is safe to say that the term “Sending it”, has always been part of my lifestyle. - No matter which sport it is, I just Fucking love to “Send it”! 

30+ Scars, 6 concussions, something like 20 stitches, about 10 broken bones, a lacerated liver, compressed lungs, bruised kidneys, one knee surgery, and waiting for a second one as I am writing this blog, I can barely fathom how I am still “keeping up with the boys”.

Growing up, overcoming injuries never was a “Big Deal” for me, I would just never stop! I was fortunate enough to have been born with a pretty good natural muscular mass, and never really had to hit the Gym, to be able to physically reach my athletic goals. That was all good, until I had my first knee surgery in 2014… -This was no jokes. I gained so much weight while sitting down on my ass for so long that my overall physical health was in dire need of activation. So, I trained for a while and swapped my daily Bag of Chips for some Hummus and Carrots. - Haha! I am laughing at myself just for writing this down, but as we grow old, our body changes and we need to adjust our daily routine accordingly. Five years later, I slacked on the training and had no problems getting back to my bag of chips. Resulting in a thorn ACL, partial MCL and tared meniscus, in the same knee that I got surgery on 5 years ago… - OOPPSSSS! Wake Up Call Bish, you gotta get back into training and keep doing it! 

I have been training quite hard most of the summer; - I won’t lie and say ALL summer, because it is ok to take some breaks and to cheat sometimes, we are allowed! This is very important to understand, if you want to keep training and not beat yourself up for skipping a day, here and there. There are plenty of different programs and meal plans online, make sure to find one that will be appealing to you, motivating and suitable for your physical goals. I also recommend visiting your Physio as often as you can afford it, and verify with him/her if the training program you want to enter is suitable for your kind of injury.

Four months post injury, I just got back to my landscaping job and the knee is holding up very good. I feel super strong and even decided to postpone my second knee surgery to the spring. A healthy diet and proper training, will allow me to have another awesome season participating and organizing events with Braap Babes. I am super excited to get back on my snow pony! Subscribe to their Mailing list, to stay up to date on our social rides and events!

Thanks for reading & Stay Bad Ass,