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COMMUNITY. This magazine is about bringing different and unique communities together. They are the ones we look to for insight, for inspiration, for motivation. This topic about community is so dear and near to my heart. It is about a sense of belonging, a sense of leadership, and a sense of feeling alive.

Join me as I dive deep into getting to know these powerful, impactful women behind the businesses, groups and pages and learn more about their WHY. Discover something new, resurface something old and let's give all of these outstanding women a big round of applause. Thank you to all who keep pushing forward when you want to quit. For showing us that there is a light at the end of a tunnel through some of our biggest, most challenging years yet. We THANK YOU!

Contributing editors are Angelisa Edwards, Cheyenne Andrews, Josie Ragan, Mandi Frinskie, Telleighla Gies, Janica Allaire, Stephanie Yankovich, Kalyn Benaroya, Marie-Claude Boudreau, Paige Munroe, Shari Bisquera, Carey Kiehn, Jessica Nason, Emily Stewart, Chantelle Bourgeau, Ashley Hauser, Jessie McCoy, Taryn Kehler, Stacie Lysko, Junpier Henning, Dillon Neaman, Desirae Hall.

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