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Our first Social ride will be January 19th 2020 at the Coquihalla lakes. After purchasing your ticket, we will send out an email with a list of what to bring, where to meet and any other details when we get closer to the date.

This event does require individual to have their own sleds. If you do not have a sled, please email braapbabes@gmail.com to figure something out.

To register for our first social ride, we do require a minimum donation of $25.
All proceeds go directly to Snowarama - to raise funds in support of the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities and Easter Seals services. Once you purchase your $25.00 ticket - you will get the opportunity to demo the new 2020 Ski Doo snowmobiles provided by Greater Vancouver Powersports

When purchasing the $25 ticket, not only does it give you liability for the ride, but it also gives us a number of how many people will be joining on our social rides. Please select a level of riding skills that best suits you.

Keep an eye out for an email that will come to you with in the next few days after purchasing. And check out our recent blog about location and time. (Don't worry, we will be sending you an email with all this information as well)

You can email braapbabes@gmail.com for any questions. 

Thank you!